Who we are

At Panefisa we have more than 100 years' experience innovating and manufacturing fastening elements in one of the most demanding sectors: the automotive industry.


The combination of these two concepts, automotive + motivating, is the motivation for the whole team at Panelfisa. A united team whose skills, organisational style and involvement have allowed us to become a leader in the automobile (automotive) sector, which requires the highest levels of quality in the fastening systems sector (links). With an innovative management system which is organised as a cooperative, in which all workers are partners with a stake in the company.

Automotivation unites us,
automation unites us.

“We are a project based on people
and focused on the customer and on efficiency”

Our main
value: people

Our main value at Panelfisa is in the human team, making the manufacture process a task of personal development and satisfaction in which each person plays a leading role. We have worked as a cooperative since 1993, and since 2011 we have a New Style of Relations (NER) in which the hierarchical structure has given way to self-managed teamwork based on freedom and collective and individual responsibility.

We believe in people


We form part of the association Ner Group, which promotes an organisational style based on people, with a strong focus on customers and on efficiency and internationalisation. In 2013 the organisations which make up Ner Group invoiced over €300,000,000 and are present in more than 60 countries around the world.

Part of Ner Group: Promoting a New Style of Relations

Commitment to

At Panelfisa we are fully aware of the social, economic and environmental effects generated by our activity. For this reason, we always act ethically and place our responsibility to people before profitability. We strive to care for and protect our environment at all times, not only in theory but in practice. We dedicate 2.5% of the results and 2% of the time of our employees to social activities through NER Group.

For human, fair, sustainable development

efficiency and quality

Everybody at Panelfisa works together as a team with a common goal: to satisfy customer requirements by offering solutions, service and quality through a work process in which creativity, efficiency and passion are ever present.

A product designed to satisfy customer requirements
€ 3,000,000 in innovation
We export to more than 20 COUNTRIES (70%)
Panelfisa Mex new plant