At Panelfisa we offer flexibility, speed and optimisation of costs.

Our value proposal

At Panelfisa we place knowledge above capital. We are a self-motivated team with a clear goal: we offer creative, innovative, competitive, quality solutions for the automotive sector, offered by committed people with guaranteed best service.

We know what our customers demand: support in their projects, flexibility, speed of response and competitive costs.

In other words, an efficient response for which we have a large work team and a flexible structure.

Our keys to provide solutions

Design and engineering

As a solution to the needs of our customers

All our knowledge is made available to our customers through our engineering service. We do not just sell our products. We offer solutions.

To this end, we research, study, design and manufacture personalised solutions aimed at jointly developing new projects, covering needs and resolving the problems of each of our customers.

In the R&D&I team we work with our customers' R&D team to offer the most suitable solution.

Product range

New product range: technical pieces, axles and ball joints

Our philosophy of ongoing improvement means we are always looking for new challenges. Apart from special screws and other fastening elements, manufactured using cold stamping and rolling, at Panelfisa we offer a new range of products: axles and ball joints.

Technical pieces

Through process change: our strategic focus is based on the work of our design team to analyse competitive improvements achieved by changing current processes (machining, casting, sintering, etc) to cold stamping and rolling, leading to significant cost savings and improved mechanical properties.

Be innovative, be the best

Over €3,000,000 invested in R&D&I

Rather than being a need, innovation has become a challenge for any organisation which aspires to expand on a globalised market.

At Panelfisa we also want to grow alongside our customers. The key is creativity and innovation as a source of evolution. “Be innovative, be the best”. This is how we think and act, and how we directly affect the competitiveness and quality of our customers.