In accordance with Act 34/2002, of 11th July, on E-commerce and Information Society Services, you are hereby informed that the Internet domain www.panelfisa.com is owned by Panelfisa (F20206116), domiciled at Ctra. Nacional 1, km 429 - Pol. Ind. Aldaba-Berazubi S/N, 20400 Tolosa (Gipuzkoa), telephone 943 65 53 53, email info@panelfisa.com, registered in the Register of Cooperatives of Euskadi, Folio GUI-395, entry 395 registration book of Cooperative Companies, with registration number 48/93.

1. General Conditions

www.panelfisa.com is a website owned by Panel Fijaciones, S. Coop. (hereinafter “Panelfisa”). The user accesses this website voluntarily. Access to this website is free. Browsing this website implies knowing and accepting the disclaimers, terms and conditions of use and confidentiality policy contained in it. This website may not be used by users who do not agree with these conditions of use or do not give their consent.

The user shall be solely liable for access to this website and for any use made of the information it contains. The user undertakes to use the website in accordance with the purpose for which it was designed.

The user may not use the information contained in this website for illicit purposes, nor carry out any actions which may damage or alter the computer systems of this website.

Users are expressly forbidden from including or communicating content which is false or inaccurate and which misleads, or may mislead, Panelfisa or other users or third parties. The user shall be solely liable for any damage caused by communicating such details.

The use of personal details of third parties without their consent is expressly forbidden, as is using their identification details in order to pass for another person or entity.

Panelfisa strives to ensure the absence of errors in the content published on the website, and reserves the power to modify the content at any time. Panelfisa expressly declines any liability for errors or omissions in the content of this website and for damages which may come about due to any information being inexact, inaccurate or out of date.

www.panelfisa.com may offer links to other websites or provide access through a search engine located in the website. Panelfisa shall not be liable for any sites which are linked to or which are returned in search queries, since it does not have any type of control over them, their content, products, services offered, etc. The purpose of these services is to inform the user of other sources of information, and in consequence the user shall be responsible for accessing the websites in line with the conditions of use which govern them.

Panelfisa shall not be liable, under any circumstance, for any damages which may come about due to use of this website or its content, including damage to computer systems and the introduction of any type of virus or malware. Whilst Panelfisa strives to implement all security measures available to it, it does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the website which may be introduced by third parties and which may bring about changes in the physical or logical systems of users.

Panelfisa reserves the right to, at any time and without prior notice and/or justification, change or delete the configuration and the information contained in this website, as it deems appropriate. Panelfisa shall not be liable for any damages such changes may cause. Notwithstanding, it shall use all resources available to it to inform users of any such modifications.

2. Registrations and subscriptions

Access to this website does not imply any obligation to provide personal details. However, some of the services offered, such as access to the private area, require prior registration. Users are required to provide a series of personal details in order to ensure registration is secure and the service offered is correct.

The user undertakes to provide accurate, exact, complete details, both at the moment of registration and in subsequent communications, and shall be responsible for communicating any changes in the details provided.

Failure to fill out the fields indicated as compulsory in the contact form may result in Panelfisa not dealing with the user's request.

Using this website implies accepting the general terms and conditions and the confidentiality policy of Panelfisa. Moreover, it implies express consent and authorisation for Panelfisa to send out commercial correspondence, either by post or by electronic means, in order to inform of products and services of Panelfisa and of other companies with which it has commercial agreements. The addressee of this correspondence may revoke this consent at any time by writing to the company.

3. Use of access keys

The keys for access to the private area are personal, confidential and non-transferable. The registered user undertakes to use them in a responsible manner and to not make them known to anybody else. The registered user must not communicate his or her keys to any other person who asks for them by telephone, email, through this website, or using any other means.

The user must immediately inform Panelfisa of any unauthorised or inappropriate access he or she becomes aware of involving the access keys.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

The property rights of this website, its pages, screens, the information it contains, its appearance and design, photographs, images, products and services, brands, logos, etc, are owned by Panelfisa unless otherwise stated.

Accessing or browsing the website www.panelfisa.com does not in any way imply that Panelfisa renounces, transmits or licences its intellectual and industrial property rights to the user for personal use.

Any unauthorised reproduction, distribution, commercialisation or transformation of the content is a breach of Panelfisa's intellectual property rights.

The user undertakes to not carry out any action which harms the ownership of this site. Unauthorised use of the information contained in this website, along with any damages caused to the intellectual and industrial property rights of its owners, may result in the exercise of legal actions against those liable for such actions.

5. Amendments

These Conditions may be amended by Panelfisa whenever it deems appropriate, in order to bring them in line with changes in legislation or in order to carry out any other type of improvement. These amendments will be valid from publication on this website. Panelfisa will use all the means available to it in order to inform users of the website of any changes made.

6. Confidentiality policy - Protection of personal details

6.1. Introduction

In accordance with Act 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Details (hereinafter “LOPD”) and its developing regulations, users are hereby informed that the personal details they provide by email, through the web forms, in the private areas or using any other means within this website will be included on files owned by Panelfisa (the Body Responsible for the File), in order to deal with all queries and requests received, to contact the user, to handle the services requested, and to manage commercial relationships and any other legitimate functions of its activity.

All personal details will be treated in a confidential manner. Panelfisa shall not, under any circumstance, make your personal details known to other companies or third parties. The Panelfisa website uses cookies. Panelfisa is committed to confidentiality and the protection of personal user details, and uses all the resources available to it in order to guarantee their security and confidentiality.

Panelfisa complies with current legislation on the Protection of Personal Details and is registered in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency and follows all recommendations, reports, innovations and guidelines offered by the different regional, state and European data protection bodies and other control authorities.

6.2. Collection of personal details

Panelfisa does not require personal details to be provided in order to access the website, although access to the private area does require the user to register.

Registration in the private area of the website is free and non-compulsory. Panelfisa does not request any personal information other than that which is strictly necessary in order to receive the service requested. Sending information through this website implies express authorisation for treatment of the data described in this confidentiality policy and in the general conditions of the website.

6.3. Rights of the interested parties

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition can be exercised by writing to the Body Responsible for the File, i.e. Panelfisa, at Ctra. Nacional 1, km 429 - Pol. Ind. Aldaba-Berazubi S/N, 20400 Tolosa (Gipuzkoa), tel. 943 65 53 53, or by email info@panelfisa.com. All requests must enclose a copy of the national identity document (DNI) of the party wishing to exercise such rights.

Whenever such a letter is sent through a legal representative, it must also enclose, apart from the aforementioned copy of the national identity document, a document which accredits this representation.

6.4. Security measures

Panelfisa will strive to implement all technical and organisational measures necessary in order to guarantee the security of the personal details contained in its files and to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access, based on the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed to, whether from human action or from the physical or natural environment, in accordance with current legislation applicable to security measures for files containing personal details, in particular the Data Protection Act and its developing regulations. Notwithstanding, users are informed that such computer security measures are not impregnable and in consequence Panelfisa cannot guarantee that such information will not be illegally or inappropriately accessed.

6.5. Validity

Panelfisa reserves the right to amend its confidentiality policy at its discretion in order to comply with legislative or jurisprudential changes. Any such amendments will be published on the same website, where users will also be made aware of the changes. In any case, the relationship with users shall continue to be governed by the rules in place at the moment the website is accessed. For this reason, Panelfisa recommends checking this confidentiality policy every time the website is accessed.

7. Jurisdiction

The relations established between Panelfisa and the user will be governed by that set out in current regulations as relate to applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding, whenever regulations envisage that jurisdiction may apply, Panelfisa and the user agree to subject themselves exclusively to the Courts of Tolosa.